A Letter from the Editor

Dear writers & readers of AIR If you haven’t noticed, there hasn’t been much activity on AIR recently. The truth is this publication took a backseat to more pressing issues and concerns, and as a result it simply hasn’t been touched for a while now. Unfortunately, due to a dip in interest, availability, and resources, I’ve decided to … Continue reading A Letter from the Editor


There is this quality of experience, what I will call Currency, which I value irrationally. Merriam-Webster, currency, noun 1 c :  the quality or state of being current :  currentness I have a best friend. I will call him Today. Today is my best friend in all the world. He is funny; we laugh at … Continue reading Current-ness


First, before the other boys, there was Evan. His house smelled like the inside of a washing machine and authentic Chinese food (his family wasn’t Chinese, but his dad loved everything about China). We were natural friends from birth–our moms were close for years before either of us were born–and we were both the youngest … Continue reading Platonic


When it snows late at night, I go to the roof and watch. Each snowflake represents every human that ever lived and every one that hasn’t yet lived. The cars stop honking, the sirens have stopped wailing. No one is in a rush, not even the snowflakes, who float freely until finally reaching the ground. … Continue reading Chronological